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    Could we have a link to the log-in page in the “menu” drop-down? On mobile devices, it’s a long scroll down to the bottom of the page to log in. This matters because I am being asked to log in frequently; the device does not remain logged in for more than one day. Fixing that would also be helpful.

    Is it impolite to wish for two things in one comment?

    • After clearing out cookies, I’m staying signed in to the Rat for several days so I’ll quit my whinging about no log-in button in the menu at the top.

    • As a side-effect of the changes to make notifications appear properly on mobile devices, a log-in link now appears in the administrative bar at the top when a user who isn’t logged in views the site from a mobile device.

      See the Updates group entry for 2018-03-17.

      We aim to please.

      We usually hit “irritate”.

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    • I noticed and appreciate the change. I, too, often hit “irritate”, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not.

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