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    Should there be a way to prevent huge white spaces from happening in comments?

    A Glitch in the Matrix

    • If a user types in, (or, more frequently, pastes from another source), text containing white space, WordPress slavishly replicates it in the post or comment posted here.

      It would be possible to filter text before posting to eliminate nugatory white space (and, I suppose, in the interest of diversity, brown, yellow, red, and black space), but that’s just another damned thing to be done, and at present we only have one damned soul to do such things. So, if it happens, it’ll be a while. That’s why there’s a scroll wheel on the mouse.

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    • Yes, tell people not to add them to their comments. I took it that TKC added the spaces on purpose. (I could be wrong.) There were about 15 carriage returns. (I took out a lot of them.)

    • I have found that the “edit” function works well for comments and post. When something is strange this is the process that will work.

      1. The member edits to fix the comment.
      2. If 1 does not work I am willing to use Admin to help with the Edit.
      3. If it is a system bug, members deal best they can and wait for the fix.

    • It’s hard to see any good purpose to having put a bunch of carriage returns in that comment. Had it been some random user, I would have assumed it was a troll being disruptive. I mean, it’s not like there was a punch line at the bottom or anything. I figured TKC just leaned on a key accidentally before punching “post.”

      Yes, I have a wheel on my mouse and am quite adept with it, if I do say so myself. It’s still obnoxious to have to scroll way down, especially on a phone .

    • But we are adults, who are responsible for our own actions. If somebody hits “Enter” twenty times at the end of their post, that’s their responsibility, not necessarily up to mecha-Timmy to mitigate, right?

    • Of course we are adults. That’s not really the issue. My request was inspired by a recollection, perhaps erroneous, that John had requested and obtained a similar feature in the legacy site. Specifically, that multiple carriage returns at the end of a comment would be ignored.

      In any case, errors happen and the perps don’t always know or care to correct. That’s why we have roadside trash pickup. It’s no big deal. If it happened often, then it would be.

    • As of build 121, trailing white space in posts and comments is trimmed at the time the object is saved in the database. This does not affect existing posts and comments in the database unless they are edited, at which point the trailing white space will be trimmed.

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