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    For John…
    Something interesting. I did not log in, I was not logged in, I opened Firefox and went to the post I made about the blended wing. DrLorentz made a comment and (without logging in) I clicked on the “Like” button. I briefly saw the normal green background pop-up.
    I thought did I really see that? I then logged in and went to do the “Like” button on his comment. It was “Liked” but with no user icon. I “Liked” his reply and the count went up to +2 with only ONE user icon.
    Am I missing something here? Why only one user icon? Did the system really accept the “Like” when I was not logged in? (Sorry for making you work harder.)
    Just did it again. I “Liked” TOTD 2020-2-10: Youppi without logging in.
    Something is a little wonky.
    I tried to “Unlike” TOTD, the red(ish) background popup came up with each click of unlike but DID NOT reduce the count.
    In the upper corner of the browser window I was not logged in. If I was, I would see the Greetings, G.D. and my icon. Perhaps you are tinkering with something? 0855 GMT.

    • The WP-ULike plug-in that we use to handle likes does not require a user to be logged in to like or unlike something. If a non-logged-in user likes something, it increments the count but does not add an icon (because it doesn’t who the person is). This is in the spirit of standard WordPress, which allows people to comment without being logged in. We have local modifications that block most mischief that might be done by non-logged-in people, but WP-ULike was one I didn’t think of (and wasn’t aware existed). I’ll look into blocking anonymous likes/unlikes when I apply the next update to the plug-in (which is on the shelf and awaiting my attention to it).

    • After further investigation, this turns out to have been the consequence of a configuration setting which was lost when the WP ULike version 4.1.3 “update” was installed on 2020-01-27. That version revamped the administration pages and, of course, lost all settings and customisation made in earlier versions. One of the things lost was the setting to restrict likes and unlikes only to logged-in users. I restored this setting, and it should now behave correctly. Full details will be in the Updates Group post at midnight.