• Haakon Dahl posted an update in the group Group logo of R.O.U.S.R.O.U.S. 11 months, 1 week ago

    Omega, John, Temp, Cyrano, Modus: Nobody has sent me e-mail. I feel very put out. Soon I will live the Dime experience.

    Who has been able to start an account so far?

    • I am waiting for my check to arrive and my validation (and ARPA status) to be granted. I do not believe probationary users can send email.

    • Hmm. SO it would appear. I have a test account there “capybara@~”, and I cannot seem to mail from it. OTOH, there are signs of b0rkenness abounding there — SDF is in the throes of beta-testing the world’s largest and newest NetBSD installation. Welcome to version 8, apparently.

    • I’m not sure if it got through, but I tried sending one to you just now.
      It might be a good idea try sending an email to one of us:

    • Got your mail! Responded over there.

    • Sent you an email. Going to play with that later.