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    Welcome to the tildeverse…
    That links to the top site of the “webring”. I have applied at, which is one of the participating *nix sites in the tildeverse.
    Hmmm, it seems I will need to generate an SSH key. It asked me for one on the login page, which I of course left blank. I’ll get hot on that. I want to get my PGP on anyway.

    • When setting up an account, you need to specify an SSH public key because that’s how login works (most sites have abandoned password authentication due to its many risks). You generate an SSH “key pair” consisting of a private key and public key. You keep the private key secure in your own possession, and install the public key on systems to which you wish to log in. Then, when you go to log in, you supply the private key to your SSH client, which sets up a secure channel to the remote system which has your public key. Since it isn’t possible to recover the private key from the public key, providing a public key to a public access system does not put you at risk.

      On a *nix system, you can generate a key pair with “ssh-keygen”, which has myriad options. There are tools for generating these key pairs on Windows and MacOS which you can find with a search engine. Unlike password authentication, there’s no great security risk in using the same SSH public key on multiple systems. As long as you carefully protect your private key, you’re secure.

      Once you have your login, you can change your public key whenever you like; it’s usually in the ~/.ssh directory.

    • “As long as you carefully protect your private key, you’re secure.”
      So, as long as I never use it on any operating system made since about 1997, I’m good.

    • Let me know if your account wasn’t created, with the username you had. I’ll get it done in short order for you 🙂

    • uber, I tried again, having mastered the art of puttygen in a damned hurry on a laptop with 12% battery. Heh. I spared the intro, and just dropped your name.
      Thank you!