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    Made it! Got my account underway with

    Ohh, I have much to learn. I already had to finally learn to use text PKI (as opposed to token-based, which I’ve had for fifteen years through employers). Just to log in, indeed, to request an account, I had to learn how to generate a keypair.

    I saw a directory called Maildir, so I tried pine No dice. Alpine. Dice! Ran the setup and bailed once it got its feet under itself. Then tried ‘mail’ which worked, but (long story short) alpine has already grabbed responsibility for my mail. So even if I send from mail, the response comes to alpine. Separate directory trees in my ~. I’ll have to compare and contrast. Using ‘mail’ was a new experience, with difficulty about log(difficulty of vi).

    I threw a text file into a directory called ~/public_gopher, and lo and behold, It was public even through an unaffiliated gopher client on a separate machine.

    So I would like to be able to mail a txt file to that account and based on some condition, have it plopped into the public_gopher dir. And this is why I need to compare and contract ‘mail’ vs alpine. Although alpine is somewhat familiar, and I think there’s even an option to make it ape the pine experience.

    Anyway, I don;t have all kinds of time these days, but when I get some, I’ll learn up some old-skool.