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    External link to Amazon does not open in new tab. Opens in existing RB tab. Trying to make sure that affiliate link gets credit. Separate issue; subsequent selection does not seem to carry affiliate link, unless it’s a cookie ref. Example, Stand on Zanzibar then select audiobook.

    • This link was in a group, right? The “sanitisation” of HTML within groups is done by entirely different code than that which handles regular posts and comments, and it strips off “target=” attributes as “dangerous”, which causes all links to open in the same window, overwriting the group (which, I suppose, they consider “safe”). Fixing this will require digging into the HTML filter code for groups, which is a horror almost beyond contemplation.

      According to Amazon, once you arrive at their site via a link which includes the affiliate “tag=” link, all subsequent purchases you make in that “session” are credited to the affiliate. The credit to the affiliate is only broken if you follow a link which includes a tag for a different affiliate, log out of Amazon, or, I think, don’t access an Amazon page for some amount of time, which I don’t recall at the moment, but it was pretty long.

      Back when Amazon used to itemise purchases which generated affiliate credits, I’d often find I was making more from things people bought after following one of my links than from the product I’d linked to. In the 1990s, I regularly saw Harry Potter books as top products on my reports even though I never linked to one from my site.