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    Hello John Walker, I have a request. This a.m. I had a need to do a search for words posted here at Ratburger. The words were Sermo Liber Vita Ipsa and were written in a comment.

    I searched for the words but it did not find them. I then went to the member’s page of who I thought had posted them to see if I could see the member’s posts and comments, but currently it seems the answer is ‘no’. Any plans to provide links to the posts and comments of members under the member profile?

    • I think the fastest way is to do a search.
      I will try this.

    • I did this on Sermo Liber Vita Ipsa

    • This is not a feature of WordPress/Buddy Press. To add it would require:

      1. Design how the feature is to work (should it only list recent posts/comments for a user or all, or allow users to edit their own comments from the page?) and how it is to be integrated (on a user’s profile page, or a separate query page?).
      2. Write local code to implement the design.
      3. Support it until the end of time (or the end of Ratburger, whichever comes first), integrating the changes into every new release of WordPress, BuddyPress, and any plug-in affected by them. This integration is not a mechanical process, but requires looking at the code and evaluating its interaction with changes in the updates.

      Among our sprawling technical staff, the person who to whom these tasks would be assigned is:

      1. Me
      2. Me
      3. Me

      And hence, in my other role as the “no co-ordinator”, I would observe that there are hundreds of things which “would be nice”, all of which would take on the order of a week’s effort (but with WordPress, you never know) to originally implement, but then would add to the support burden on every subsequent update forever.

      As a free site, I have to weigh the user experience improvement delivered by a major implementation project against its up-front cost and particularly the maintenance tail to support it. For the notifications, our biggest project so far, I judged the benefit in increasing user engagement worth these costs. I would, like you, love to have a page that showed recent posts and comments by a user but, at this time, given my time constraints supporting this site, it doesn’t make the cut.

      It’s always possible I may think of some elegant way to provide this without the volume of local code I would envision if I did it based upon my present knowledge (this happened with the automatic update of the notifications bubble and drop-down list, which I originally considered a massive effort and then figured out a sledgehammer which would squash it with one day’s effort), in which case I will revisit the item.

    • Thanks for the information, John, and 10 Cents. Given the effort involved, I think the suggestion by 10 Cents is a good work around. As I would characterize my request as a mere ‘convenience’ and not a ‘need’, I don’t think it is that important. I was just curious. Now I know. Thanks again.