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    Help ! Hi, I’ve been trying to write a post but every time I click save draft, it just deletes everything!!

    • I don’t know what’s happening, but when I look at pending drafts (from my administrator account, which lets me see everything), I see a draft saved by you titled “Links to a couple of videos worth a listen…” which has no content but does have categories and tags assigned. When you click on the dashboard at the top (it’s the icon that looks like a speedometer) and select “Posts” from the side menu, you should see this post, listed as a draft, and by mouse-over its title and then clicking “Edit” you should be able to edit and publish it.

    • Yep. That’s the one. There is nothing in it except the title and tags because everytime I hit save draft, the screen ‘blinks’ like when saving something and then every thing I wrote just disappears. I just tried three more times. I think I’ll just delete it and try again another day.

    • What platform are you doing it on?


    • My laptop. Same as I always use. I’ve not had this problem before. So, for now I will presume some level of user error and will re-start tomorrow. Good night.

    • This is a complete mystery to me. I have heard no other reports of anything like this happening.

      It is tedious and trite, but have you tried flushing your browser cache? On April 4th, I installed an update to WordPress which modified some of the JavaScript that runs the site. These updates are not automatically pushed to users who may have a copy of the old version in their browser’s cache. If this is the case, it’s possible there’s an incompatibility which is causing this problem. It’s unlikely to be the case almost a week after the update was installed, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 50 years working with software is that unlikely things happen all the time.

      To rule this out, try flushing the browser cache (how you do this varies from browser to browser) and then reloading the Ratburger page and try editing the post again.

      If that doesn’t work, we get into some rather tall technical weeds. The best thing would be to display the browser’s developer tools window (you do this by pressing F12 on most browsers), select the Console tab, and then reload the page and repeat the attempt to edit the post. If error or warning messages appear on the console, please copy and paste them into a reply here or, if you prefer, make a screen shot of the console window and E-mail it to That’s usually the first place to look when something odd happens.