• TempTime posted an update in the group Group logo of Bug ReportsBug Reports 2 years, 4 months ago

    Off topic request. I don’t have a bug to report, but I have a question. I have repeatedly received http error 500 when trying to go to r>. What does this mean? Thanks.

    • By “r>” do you mean Ricochet or Ratburger? I have heard no reports of 500 errors here. HTTP error 500 is an internal server error and usually indicates one of the programs which make up the site’s Web application terminated in error.

    • Sorry, If I confused. I have not no problems at Ratburger. The error pop up earlier today when I was attempting to go to Ricochet. That said, I am able to connect just fine currently. Although it appears there is next-to-no, well, ok , ‘very little’ activity over there right now. Thanks for telling me what the code means. I tried to look it up (google) but the information I found made no sense to me.