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    Wasn’t sure if the following link belonged on the ‘front page’, that said, I am hoping some will find this video as inspiring as I did:

    If you think the ‘front page folks’ would find value in watching/listening, let me know and I will post it there.

    • I enjoyed the sermon, but I do not think it was a very good sermon. It was fun to see the link from the Trojan Horse to the Gospel to Trumpian politics. But to my way of thinking, a sermon should devote more attention to the Gospel.
      I do, however, think it is past time for traditionalist Christian churches to quit pretending to political neutrality. Since the Anti-American Party has embraced a platform that advances the causes of the Enemy, they should be directly opposed, by name, in Christian churches.

    • Yes. Paraphrasing a sentence from a book I once read — “Illusions” — I take the truth where i find it. Not the usual sort of video I would watch for sure, and not sure how I came upon this particular video. Quite possibly it was from some QAnon source, but not certain about that.
      I can’t subscribe to all of it myself, but I like that it leaves some aspects for ‘civil challenges to its ideas’ as it provides an opportunity for discussion; a good thing! 🙂

    • I am also willing to read a variety of sources and voices. Thanks for the link.