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    I will pass this on to you tech genii, (although I have no idea of the significance of the information) : a few weeks ago I couldn’t get on here , and the problem was idiosyncratic to MY IPad. The reason I posted about it, instead of coming to this group, was that the only screen which would appear, transiently, was the “add new post” page. My husband “cured” my IPad by “erasing my memory and removing all cookies” , as he said. Maybe you get that, and you will be able to help some other hapless neophyte who finds herself locked out..Thanks!

    • Hyp,
      If it would help, I’d be happy to pass on name/number of my IT guy who I’ve come to rely upon as much as I do the “cable guy.” He lives in Florida but does business internationally.

      He was a techie in the Marine Corps and civilian computers are practically “busy work” for him. 🙂 There is nothing he can’t fix.

    • See my PM for full info if and when you feel you need it. Kevin is super smart and charges $75/hr.

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    Hey how do I get to “drafts”? I wrote a post “born to Set it Right” and I reeeely wanna publish it, but when I pressed Publish I just got the beach ball…does it still exist?

    • Yes. The post is still presently in Draft status. After you reload the Ratburger page, you should be able to go to the Dashboard (click the icon in the black bar at the top that looks like a speedometer), then select Posts/All posts in the bar at the left and you should see all of your posts including the recent draft. You can then click “Edit” beneath the title of the draft to get back to the edit window. Once there, you should be able to click the Publish button to try publishing it again. If that doesn’t work, please post a comment here and I will publish it from an…[Read more]


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    Hello smart techies–can you tell me how to delete Notifications? I’ve got like 7K of ’em. This site is reeeeely slooooow for me now, and I wondered if that was the cause. (is it? If not, I don’t need to delete them) I went to Bulk Actions, and then Delete, and nothing happened. I s this because it can’t be done on an IPad? Thanks in advance–

    • On the main page, there is a blue circle with the number of notifications. If you click on it, you will see at the top of the list in yellow, “Mark all notifications read”. Click on that and your problem should be solved.

    • To delete all of your notifications (read an unread):

      1. From the drop-down menu from the notifications bubble, choose the yellow “Mark all notifications read” item. This marks your notifications read and takes you to the Read Notifications page.

      2. On that page, scroll down to the bottom and click the shocking pastel pink on black “Delete All Read Notifications” button. This will pop up a dialogue asking if you really want to do this (it cannot be undone).

      3. Click OK. All of your notifications are now gone.

      This is different from Bulk Actions, which only works on…[Read more]

    • Hypatia, do you understand this? I see you have not cleared your notifications yet. Do you need help?

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