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    I will pass this on to you tech genii, (although I have no idea of the significance of the information) : a few weeks ago I couldn’t get on here , and the problem was idiosyncratic to MY IPad. The reason I posted about it, instead of coming to this group, was that the only screen which would appear, transiently, was the “add new post” page. My husband “cured” my IPad by “erasing my memory and removing all cookies” , as he said. Maybe you get that, and you will be able to help some other hapless neophyte who finds herself locked out..Thanks!

    • Hyp,
      If it would help, I’d be happy to pass on name/number of my IT guy who I’ve come to rely upon as much as I do the “cable guy.” He lives in Florida but does business internationally.

      He was a techie in the Marine Corps and civilian computers are practically “busy work” for him. 🙂 There is nothing he can’t fix.

    • See my PM for full info if and when you feel you need it. Kevin is super smart and charges $75/hr.