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    2020 July 31

    Updated the WP RSS Aggregator plug-in to version 4.17.6.  This
    is a minor update which modified 28 files, deleted two unused
    language translation files, and added 6 files.  Most of the
    changes are trivial faffing around with formatting, but there
    are a few fixes, including this little buggeroo:
        ### Fixed
            * The "Delete All Imported Items" reset option was
              deleting all posts on the site.
    Glad I never pushed *that* button!  We have no local code in
    this plug-in, so after syntax checking the changes, I applied
    the update kit.  Nothing appeared to break and the settings
    pages looked all right after the installation.  As always, I
    will wait until the next scheduled update of feed sources before
    committing the changes.
    Updated the Stop Spammers plug-in to version 2020.4.5.  This is
    an utterly trivial update which modifies only two files, adding
    a new up-sell whack in the administrator's face pitching the
    "Premium" version, plus the code to dismiss it.  I integrated
    our local code in the two files containing it, which was
    straightforward as there were no conflicts, syntax checked all
    modified files, confirmed correct integration of local code with
    ../t/ratdiff, and applied the update kit. Everything looks OK
    after installation.  It, of course, whacked me with the up-sell
    pop-up, which I dismissed.
    There having been no untoward occurrences since the installation
    of the Stop Spammers plug-in version 2020.4.5, I committed the
    changes (Build 484).
    I don't want to stay up late enough for the next WP RSS
    Aggregator scheduled update, but given how trivial were the
    changes, I just manually updated a couple of our feeds,
    confirmed that worked correctly, and went ahead and committed
    the version 4.17.6 changes (Build 485).
    Published Builds 484 and 485 to GitHub.