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    2020 August 12

    Updated the Classic Editor plug-in to version 1.6.  This is a
    trivial update which mostly seems devoted to changing the
    internal name of the plug-in from "Classic Editor" to "classic
    editor", presumably because the Gutenberg cultists cannot abide
    the editor the vast majority of their customers prefer to use
    being referred to with reverential capitals.  We have no local
    code in this plug-in.  Only three files were changed.  I syntax
    checked the changed files and applied the kit.  The settings,
    for what they're worth, appear OK.
    As threatened, but a day late, WordPress version 5.5 dropped
    today.  This is billed as a "major feature release" which
    contains a motley collection of the usual crap.  They're
    claiming lazy image loading (only loading images when the user
    is about to scroll them into view, rather than unconditionally
    when the page is loaded) as a new WordPress feature.  In fact,
    this is a nonstandard HTML5 gimmick added in Chrome and some
    other widely-used browsers.  All WordPress does is include the
    attribute in the {img} tag to request lazy loading: the browser
    does all the work (which is obvious to anybody who knows how
    things really work, since WordPress is clueless as to where the
    user is scrolling in a document).  Version 5.5 adds, and enables
    by default, an XML sitemap which is supposed to make it easier
    for search engines to index things on a site.  I'll have no idea
    how competently this is implemented and/or whether it exposes
    some gaping security holes until we try it.  I will disable it
    if it's a stinker.
    There is a vast amount of faffing aroung with the "Block Editor"
    ("Gutenberg"), which is a complete joke and nobody in their
    right mind uses.  But look on the bright side: with most of the
    WordPress developers putting their work into it, that leaves
    less time for them to mess up things in other parts of the
    steaming pile of excrement that people actually use.  There are
    also additions to the REST API, which sane people have turned
    off since its inception since it is a septic fistula into the
    insecure viscera of WordPress exposed to the whole wide world.
    Another "feature" is automatic updates for plug-ins and themes.
    Think about it: there are administrators stupid enough to permit
    not just the idiots at WordPress, but the knuckle-walking
    developers responsible for third party plug-ins and themes, to
    reach into their running, customer-exposed systems and change
    their code, without so much as notification of or approval by
    the systems' administrators.  Be assured that the first thing
    I'll do after installing this update will be to ensure this is
    A total of 835 files were modified, four (ancient CSS files
    intended to support archaic versions of Microsoft Internet
    Exploder) deleted, and 59 added.  A number of the internal
    libraries embedded in WordPress were updated to new versions. As
    usual, many of the "modified" files contained only cosmetic and
    "coding standard" changes intended to keep affimative action and
    diversity hires busy and away from things they'd otherwise
    break: none of these changes affect the operation of the code in
    any way.  In a triumph for "social justice", the terms
    "blacklist" and "whitelist" have been extirpated (or, perhaps I
    should say, segregated) from the code, replaced with
    "disallowed" and "allowed".
    I deleted these new-fangled and worthless themes from the update
    kit so they don't clutter our installation.
    The following JavaScript files which contain our local code were
    not modified.  I deleted them and their evil dwarf twins from
    the update kit to leave our modified versions in production and
    avoid the risk of re-minimising the files.
    The JavaScript file:
    contains both WordPress modifications and our local code.  I
    regenerated its evil dwarf twin, media-views.min.css, in the
    same directory.
    I ran ../t/ratdiff to verify that all local code had been
    properly integrated, which it had been.  Ran ../t/chk to syntax
    check all the JavaScript and PHP; no errors or warnings were
    At this point I have an update kit for WordPress 5.5, ready to
    apply.  There's no way I'm going to apply an update of this size
    right before going to sleep.  I'll take another look at it
    to-morrow and apply it when I have a full day to watch for
    Committed the Classic Editor plug-in version 1.6 update (Build
    Updated the WP RSS Aggregator plug-in to version 4.17.7.  This
    is a trivial update which fiddles with some HTML/CSS for the
    pagination buttons and fixes two minor flaws that don't affect
    us.  A total of 6 files were modified and one added.  We have no
    local code in this plug-in.  I prepared an update kit, syntax
    checked the changes, and applied the updates.  Since it's an
    hour until the next RSS feed is scheduled, I'll wait until
    to-morrow to see if everything went smoothly and, if so, go
    ahead and commit the changes.
    Published Build 488 to GitHub.