• John Walker posted an update in the group Group logo of UpdatesUpdates 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    2019 May 2

    According to UpdraftPlus, the 06:00 database-only backup
    "apparently succeeded", so I suppose we can conclude that the
    1.16.14 update "apparently works".  I committed the changes
    (Build 295).  I note that the clown posse has airbrushed the
    existence of 1.16.13 from history.  Their update log now shows a
    direct jump from 1.16.12 to 1.16.14 with nary a mention of the
    short-lived 1.16.13, as if all of the changes in that release
    were in 1.16.14, which is untrue.  Well, since this is the inept
    clown posse, their airbrush sputtered a bit, and in the
    readme.txt for the new release there is the line:
        TWEAK: Fix stray JavaScript in the short-lived version 1.16.13
    So they manage to shoot themselves in the foot even while
    attempting to cover up having previously done that.
    The scheduled update to the Podcasts page by the WP RSS
    Aggregator plug-in ran successfully, so I committed the version
    4.13.1 changes (Build 296).
    Published the Build 295 and 296 changes on GitHub.