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    2019 May 8

    Updated the Raw HTML plug-in to version 1.6.  This is a minor
    fix which corrects handling of raw HTML blocks in excerpts of
    posts.  We have no local code in this plug-in.  The Raw HTML
    plug-in works fine for main posts, but when used within a
    comment (by the administrator, as is required--it's ignored if a
    regular user tries it), the raw HTML is inserted, but the
    shortcodes continue to appear before and after the raw block.
    It doesn't claim to work for comments, so this is just what
    falls out.  Since you can edit the comment subsequently and
    delete the extraneous shortcodes, there's an easy work-around.
    Committed the Raw HTML plug-in changes (Build 297) and published
    on GitHub.
    Downloaded WordPress 5.2 and prepared an initial
    migration kit:
        Modifications: 536
        Deletions: 10  (all our local files)
        Additions: 34
    Here are WordPress distribution files which contain
    Ratburger local code (grep -ilr ratburger):
        wordpress/wp-includes/general-template.php (Bug fixed in 5.2)
    Integrated our local code in the above files.  The local code in
    wordpress/wp-includes/general-template.php was a fix to a bug
    which was fixed by WordPress in 5.2 and is no longer necessary.
    Note the new code added to all themes, including the one upon
    which our custom theme is based:
    Made a backup AMI:
        Ratburger Backup 2019-05-08  ami-028620ad055f806ed
            /           snap-0e9cdefeed9a1bfdd
            /server     snap-09a09110455dfc749
    Brought up the test site from volumes created
    from these snapshots using the procedure in testsite.txt.
    Everything went smoothly.
    Edited /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf on the production server to
    change references to to the currently used
    domain of  This means there's one fewer thing
    to forget when bringing up the test server.
    Applied the WordPress 5.2 update kit to the test server.
    Rebooted the test server just to clean out any cobwebs.
    Oh, good grief!  The idiotic ~/plug/hello.php "Hello, Dolly"
    plug-in crept back in with the update.  I deleted it from the
    test server and the kit directory.  There is no way, other than
    eternal vigilence, to keep it from shuffling back from the grave
    with every update.
    Deleted the orphaned root volume from the last time we used the
    test server: vol-0ab43d37b5f5211c6,
    Logged into my user account from Brave.  No problems.
    Now it's a matter of testing each and every piece of local code
    in the WordPress core code.
    Log of testing local code features:
        * User editing their own comment: OK.
            Visual mode: OK.
            Text mode: OK.
            Switching between visual and text modes: OK.
        * User editing own comment does not see edit box to
          change author of comment, publishing status,
          or meta boxes: OK.
        * Administrator editing comments by other users: OK.
        * Administrator has ability to edit comment author and
          publishing status and see meta boxes: OK.
        * User can upload and insert image in their own comment
          on a post of which they are not the author: OK.
        * User can revert their own post to draft and subsequently
          re-publish: OK.
        * Administrator can revert anybody's post to draft: OK.
        * HTML metacharacters in comments escaped correctly.
        * Edit comments item in the administration title bar shown
          to Administrator but not to regular users: OK.
        * Count of Members in the Dashboard At a Glance box includes
          both Contributors and Editors: OK.
        * When composing new post, user does does not have the option
          to password protect post: OK.
        * User cannot set new post Format to anything but Standard;
          Administrator can set to any Format: OK.
        * User doesn't see link on Comments in Dashboard/At a Glance;
          Administrator does: OK.
        * Akismet ignore spam flags for users who joined more than
          7 days ago: OK.  (There actually isn't an easy way to test
          this, but after integrating the local code, this plug-in
          module was identical to the one currently in production on
        * Address user with "Greetings," not "Howdy,": OK.
        * Comments bubble in administration bar shown only to
          Administrator: OK.
        * Comments containing just the text "follow" or "c4c" do not
          show up to users other than their author: OK.
        * Avatars in comments are linked to the user's Profile page: OK.
        * Comment number displayed in comment metadata: OK.
        * Comment numbers correct on multiple pages of comments: OK.
        * Optional disabling of oEmbed cache: UNTESTED.  (This is not
          enabled in production mode, and since the code in which it
          is included was not modified by the update, I did not
          bother enabling and testing it.)
        * User on Probation cannot comment and does not see comment
          form on posts: OK.
        * User on Probation cannot add new Post or upload media
          content: OK.
        * Add {noscript} to list of block-defining tags: UNTESTED. (It
          is very difficult to contrive a test for this rare
          circumstance.  However, this is a simple addition to a
          list in a section of code unaffected by the update, so if
          it worked before, it will almost certainly work now.  Note
          that I submitted a bug report on this to WordPress more
          than a year ago [2018-02-22] and it remains unfixed to
          this day.)
        * Disable idiotic "JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed" message in
          the error_log: OK.
    This concludes the testing of local code.  Every piece of
    integrated local code appears to work in the new release.
    Added the call to:
    to ~/theme/ratburger_devel/header.php for compatibility with the
    5.2 themes.  It didn't seem to break anything.  Added this
    change to the migration kit for the production site.
    At this point there are no show-stoppers to putting WordPress
    5.2 into production.  But in the interest if prudence, I'll wait
    until I have a full day in front of me to watch the logs and see
    if anything is blowing loose under real user requests. Also,
    it'll give a little more time to see if a HOT FIX update is
    issued for this new release.
    • What’s wrong with “howdy”?

    • >> What’s wrong with “howdy”?

      It doesn’t cross cultural boundaries as well. Back in the day, that letter you didn’t want to get from the draft board began, “Greetings from the President of the United States of America”. Imagine if it began, “Howdy, dude. You’re drafted! Be the first one on your block to come home in a box.”