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    2019 May 9

    An update to the Classic Editor plug-in, version 1.5, was
    released, containing compatibility fixes for older versions of
    WordPress and newer versions of the absurd Block Editor
    (Gutenberg).  Classic Editor is now in the top five WordPress
    plug-ins, with more than four million active installations.  Its
    sole purpose is disabling and hiding the disastrous Block
    Editor, which WordPress is bent on forcing down their user
    community's throats.  This is a very simple plug-in which just
    sets some switches that disable the Block Editor; the TinyMCE
    editor remains integrated in the WordPress core code.  We have
    no local code in this plug-in, so I simply applied the update
    kit to the test server.
    Tested composing and editing a comment and post in both Visual
    and Text mode.  The Classic Editor plug-in update does not seem
    to have broken anything.
    Applied the Classic Editor plug-in version 1.5 update kit to the
    production server.  Since it is compatible with WordPress 5.1.1
    as well as 5.2, integrating on the production server before
    installing the 5.2 update will make it easier to separate the
    Git commits for it and the big WordPress update.
    Committed the Classic Editor plug-in version 1.5 update (Build
    Took a deep breath and applied the WordPress 5.2 update to the
    production site.  Nothing blew up immediately and the dashboard
    reports everything up to date.
    Here are the number of lines of code in the stock WordPress core
    code (no plug-ins not included with the core):
        PHP     411,004
        JS      374,401
        CSS     126,416
        Total   911,721
    (How did I count 'em?)
        find . -type f -name \*.php -exec cat {} \; | wc -l | commas
    Three hours after installation of the update, there's been
    nothing untoward in the error_log, just the usual xmlrpc.php
    It's now ten hours after 5.2 went into production and so far, so
    good.  I'll wait until to-morrow before committing the changes.
    There have been no additional WordPress or plug-in updates
    issued since the update was installed.