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    2019 May 16

    Well, another two weeks have passed so here comes another "fixes
    to fixes" update to the WP RSS Aggravator (oops, sorry,
    Aggregator) plug-in, version 4.13.2.  This is the plug-in which
    manages to take 150,000 lines of tangled code in order to
    periodically scan a list of RSS feeds and maintain a page of
    recent items posted on those feeds.  We use it for our Podcast
    Page, but had I known what an aggregated assault it would be on
    an administrator's time and attention, I probably wouldn't have
    This release is another motley collection of minor tweaks and
    fixes in which they didn't bother to update the compatibility
    claim to the current WordPress 5.2, so when you go to install it
    you get a warning that it hasn't been tested with the version of
    WordPress you're running. Doubtless there will another HOT FIX
    to correct that coming down the chute before long.  Thankfully,
    we have no local code in this plug-in, so I simply applied the
    update kit, including deleting the one file removed in the
    update, and looked around in the settings to verify that nothing
    obvious was broken.  As always, I will defer committing the
    changes until it runs its next scheduled scan of the the RSS
    feed list.
    Detached volume vol-084f0d8a26280ab34, the /server file system
    from the Ratburger Test server, and deleted it.  The test server
    has been stopped ever since the completion of the migration of
    the production server to WordPress 5.2, and the production
    server has since diverged sufficiently far from that snapshot
    that if we were to bring the test server up, it would certainly
    be from a new snapshot of the production server.  Consequently,
    there's no reason to pay storage charges to keep this relic
    The RSS feed update at 23:30 UTC ran successfully, so I went
    ahead and committed the WP RSS Aggregator version 4.13.2 changes
    (Build 310) and published them to GitHub.