• John Walker posted an update in the group Group logo of UpdatesUpdates 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    2019 May 29

    Just six days after the last one, along comes another update to
    the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plug-in, version 190529. This
    is a minor update which fixes two blunders in the last update
    attempt.  In addition, when the previous update deleted the code
    that generated a diagnostic systemInformation.txt file, the file
    was left around in the distribution directory. This release
    finally gets rid of it.  We have no local code in this plug-in.
    These guys seem to be making a real effort to challenge
    UpdraftPlus as the premier clown car.  In addition to spewing
    out updates at an even quicker cadence, they have the additional
    cachet of being a plug-in which is entirely unnecessary now that
    we have a proper notification system (which we've had for over a
    year).  The only thing that keeps this plug-in around is users
    who don't want to give up being bombarded with E-mail when
    somebody posts a comment on a post to which they've subscribed.
    Committed the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded version 190529
    update (Build 315) and published on GitHub.