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    2019 June 3

    With the goal of increasing "engagement" with posts, I added
    code to the local function ratburger_wp_insert_comment() in
    ~/theme/functions.php which was originally added on 2018-02-20
    and issues notifications when a new comment is added on a post
    (main site posts only; groups are handled elsewhere).  As
    originally implemented, notifications were sent to the author of
    the post and all others who had commented on the post so far
    (excluding, of course, the author of the new comment).  The new
    code retrieves the list of users who have liked the post via
    a $wpdb->get_results() query like:
        SELECT user_id FROM wp_ulike WHERE post_id = ''
            AND status = 'like'
            AND user_id BETWEEN 1 AND 999999
            GROUP BY user_id LIMIT 999999;
    This returns a list of User IDs who have liked the post.  We
    walk through this list, once again ignoring the author of the
    post (who has already been notified) and the author of the new
    comment, and add the remaining users to the associative array
    $commenters.  Since this is an associative array, duplication
    between those who have commented on and liked the post is
    automatically removed.  Then the existing code which used to
    notify commenters will now notify both commenters and likers.
    The ratburger_wp_insert_comment() function was added before we
    got nedit working on RB, and thus contained ugly and confusing
    tabs thanks to vi.  I expanded all of the tabs to spaces and
    re-indented the code for readability.  There is quite a bit of
    other code in ~/theme/functions.php which could use the same
    treatment, but in the interest of minimising non-functional
    changes I will defer such abstergification until a major sweep
    through local code such as a WordPress major release update.
    Committed the changes to notify users of comments on posts which
    they have liked (Build 316) and published on GitHub.