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    2019 June 4

    Well, it's a new month, and here comes the clown car skidding
    into the ring with another update to UpdraftPlus, version
    1.16.15.  Look out! The clown car has crashed into the lion
    tamer and two lions who didn't get out of the way in time.  It
    appears the brakes are now a "Premium" feature like the AOA
    DISAGREE indication on the 737 MAX.  Skidding to a stop, out
    come one FEATURE, four FIXes, 15 TWEAKs, and one TRANSLATION,
    which is actually a "lost in TRANSLATION" since they've removed
    the Italian translation from the free version.  Many of the
    TWEAKs are actually fixes to flaws in the previous version.

    This is, as the clown car goes, a relatively minor update: 30 files were modified, three added, and four deleted (farewell, Italian translation!). As we have no local code in this plug-in, I simply applied the update kit after reviewing the changes to make sure there wasn't anything beyond the usual level of horror from the red nose and floppy shoe team. It didn't break anything obvious when applied, and the database-only backup at 18:00 "apparently succeeded", as they say. I'll wait until the full backup runs at 20:29 before committing the changes.

    The full backup at 20:29 ran "apparently successfully", so I suppose the UpdraftPlus update apparently works. I committed the changes (Build 317) and published them to GitHub.