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    2019 July 3

    Updated the WP Ulike plug-in to version 3.6.1.  This is a minor
    update which fixes compatibility with other plug-ins that we
    don't use and makes some cosmetic changes to icons and images.
    Only one file containing local code was modified, the dreaded
    jolly roger inc/general-hooks.php which contains all of the
    local notifications code, but there were no conflicts
    integrating our changes with the modifications to the file.  We
    also have local code in assets/css/wp-ulike.css and
    assets/css/wp-ulike.min.css which corrects CSS validation errors
    in these files, but since they were not modified in the update,
    I simply removed them from the update kit before applying it,
    which will leave our local versions in production.
    In the process of integrating our local code in
    general-hooks.php, I almost got tripped up by some dodgy
    behaviour in "meld".  If you have a large block of code in the
    old file, in this case our local version of the
    wp_ulike_format_buddypress_notifications() function, when you're
    scrolling down through the file either with the scroll wheel or
    the scroll bar in the window, meld instantly jumps from the
    start to the end of old block and doesn't let you scroll through
    it.  This caused me to misinterpret the extent of the change and
    fail to include our local version. I only caught this because
    when reviewing the code I distinctly recalled there being a lot
    more local code in this buccaneer of a file and didn't see it in
    the integrated update kit.  On further review, I saw what meld
    had done to me and re-integrated the local code.
    After applying the update kit, I walked through the settings and
    statistics pages and everything looked all right.  I viewed my
    notifications and they also appeared correct.  I'll let this run
    for a while before committing the changes.
    All right, it seems not to have broken anything.  I committed the
    changes (Build 326) and published them to GitHub.