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    2019 July 12

    The mysqldump/rclone backup job ran normally as scheduled at
    05:30 UTC.  This was the first time there were new files in the
    uploads directory to transfer, which it did successfully.  The
    entire backup ran in around one minute, compared to the clown
    car which takes about 15 minutes to mindlessly back up the
    entire 3.7 Gb uploads directory every time, as opposed to an
    incremental clone of new files to S3.

    Updated the link to @chef in the Frequently Asked Questions page: . It previously pointed to the old name for this account and hence was not automatically linked to its profile.

    The scheduled backup at 17:30 UTC ran normally. I'm going to leave the diagnostic code enabled in the CRON job until it's run sufficiently long that I can verify the automatic purging of backups older than five days is working as designed, but I won't mention these backups here any longer unless something goes wrong.