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    2019 August 6

    Updated the Stop Spammers plug-in to version 2019.1.  This
    update consists of three one-line fixes in
    stop-spammer-registrations-new.php to correct idiot function
    calls which failed to quote the string argument specifying a
    function name.  We fixed these in local code on 2018-07-12,
    shortly after migrating to the Linux 2 AMI, where they started
    dribbling warning messages in the error_log.  Now, more than a
    year later, the developers have apparently taken a glance at the
    error_log and gotten around to fixing it.  Note that one of the
    function calls they "fixed" is in a comment.  I integrated our
    local code in the two modified files in the update and applied
    the kit.  Everything looks OK, as it should be after such a
    trivial update.
    The /server/cron/backupRatburgerDB backup job has been running
    smoothly since mid-July, so I commented out the lsl of the
    rclone remote directory to reduce the size of the twice-daily
    confirmation E-mails.
    I don't know the cause--perhaps my aggressive stance in
    firewalling the entire networks of rogue ISP, mostly in Russia
    and Ukraine, which keep hitting us with attacks of various kinds
    is paying off--but in the last couple of weeks I have been
    seeing essentially none of the memory exhaustion panics we used
    to get every couple of days. Since these are almost always due
    to mass attacks such as login storms that fill up the php-fpm
    worker processes, it may be (or, perhaps I should say, I
    sincerely hope) that we've staked sufficiently many of the
    bloodsuckers whence they emanate that we're not seeing enough of
    them any more to trigger the alarm.
    Committed the Stop Spammers version 2019.1 update (Build 339)
    and published on GitHub.