• John Walker posted an update in the group Group logo of UpdatesUpdates 5 days, 15 hours ago

    2019 August 14

    Added code in ~/theme/functions.php to detect, at the time a
    post is published (either public or private), whether its title
    is blank.  If the title is blank, the post is reverted to draft
    status and the author or editor is presented with an error
    message imploring them to supply a title.  This is done by
    hooking "wp_insert_post_data" and validating the title with a
    new rb_check_blank_post_title() function.  We also hook
    "post_updated_messages" and "admin_notices" to suppress the
    normal post published confirmation and issue the error message
    for a blank title.
    Committed the changes to protect against blank post titles
    (Build 341) and published them on GitHub.