• John Walker posted an update in the group Group logo of UpdatesUpdates 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    2020 June 8

    Updated the WP Mail SMTP plug-in to version 2.1.1.  This update,
    which includes 2.1.0 and the "fixes to fixes" patch 2.1.1
    modifies 81 files, deletes one directory, and adds six files all
    for a bunch of useless crap which will make not a scintilla of
    difference to us.  We have no local code in this plug-in, so I
    simply prepared an update kit, syntax checked it, and applied
    After applying the update kit, I verified that everything looked
    all right and there were no errors in the error_log, and sent a
    test E-mail, which was delivered successfully.
    I can't see anything wrong with this, so I committed the changes
    (Build 475) and published to GitHub.