• John Walker posted an update in the group Group logo of UpdatesUpdates 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    2020 June 17

    Updated the Really Simple SSL plug-in to version 3.3.4.  This is
    a trivial update that modified 8 files and makes no functional
    changes whatsoever: all it does is mess around with the "Review
    this plug-in" nag message to avoid interference with other
    plug-ins, twiddle the CSS for the administrator pages, and
    fiddle with WordPress's idiotic "multisite" feature that we
    don't use.  We have no local code in this plug-in.  I syntax
    checked the modified files, made an update kit, and applied it.
    Everything appears to be in order after installation.
    The Really Simple SSL version 3.3.4 update doesn't appear to
    have broken anything so I committed the changes (Build 477) and
    published them to GitHub.