• John Walker posted an update in the group Group logo of UpdatesUpdates 5 months, 1 week ago

    2020 June 24

    Updated the Raw HTML plug-in to version 1.6.3.  This is an
    utterly trivial update which just changed a few lines in four
    files, only two of which are actually executable code.  It fixes
    a problem in compatibility with some versions of PHP, which is a
    stupid programming language used by stupid programmers to write
    stupid programs.  We have no local code in this plug-in, so I
    simply syntax checked the modified files and applied the update
    kit.  Everything looks hunky-dory after the installation.
    There being no apparent problems with the update installation, I
    committed the Raw HTML version 1.6.3 update (Build 479) and
    published on GitHub.