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    2020 July 1

    After yesterday's crash and problems with restoring the firewall
    after the system came back up, I decided to catch up on pending
    updates, which should have been installed around this time, and
    use the reboot to test whether my fixes to firewall start-up are
    Made a mirror backup to Juno.
    Made a backup AMI:
        Ratburger Backup 2020-07-01  ami-0859137eaa2899813
            /           snap-0ee1bb3fd849c8815
            /server     snap-0364850c6c47baa84
    Installed all pending update packages: 98 in total, 28 for
    security including a new kernel.
    Ran a Garback to preserve firewall settings and the muzzle list
    across the reboot.
    Rebooted at 12:33 UTC. The system came up normally after the
    reboot.  We are now running on kernel
    After the reboot, both the IPv4 and IPv6 firewall rules were
    restored automatically.
    Updated the BuddyPress plug-in to version 6.1.0.  This is an
    incremental maintenance release which fixes six flaws, mostly
    security holes in the REST API, which only lemmings would
    enable.  A total of 38 files were modified, with none of the
    changes in files containing our local code.  I integrated the
    local code, opting to delete the files:
    which contain no other changes than our local code from the kit,
    along with their evil dwarf twin minimised files to avoid the
    risks of re-minimisation.  After verifying all of our local code
    was integrated with ../t/ratdiff, I syntax checked everything
    with ../t/chk and applied the update kit.  Everything looked OK
    after installation.
    Committed the BuddyPress version 6.1.0 update (Build 481) and
    published to GitHub.