• John Walker posted an update in the group Group logo of UpdatesUpdates 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    2020 July 13

    Updated the Stop Spammers plug-in to version 2020.4.4.  This is
    a minor update consisting mainly of "code cleanup" (a good deal
    of which amounted to deleting blank lines in the source
    code--gotta keep those diversity hires busy and away from
    something which actually affects operation of the program!) and
    then a "fixes to fixes" update to correct bungling in the
    clean-up.  (Cleaning up PHP code which interfaces to WordPress
    is like sorting the contents of the septic tank into neat
    piles.)  A total of 52 files were modified in this exercise of
    digging holes and filling them in again.
    I integrated our local code in the two files containing it,
    which was straightforward as there were no conflicts, syntax
    checked all modified files, confirmed correct integration of
    local code with ../t/ratdiff, and applied the update kit.
    Everything looks OK after installation.
    Nothing appears to have gone pear-shaped after the installation
    of the Stop Spammers plug-in version 2020.4.4 update, so I
    committed the changes (Build 483) and published them on GitHub.