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    Peas are up.

    • What does that mean? I am a city boy.

    • Peas planted in the veg garden 10 days ago have germinated (not drowned, nor been eaten by chipmunks or squirrels) and their little seed-leaves are starting to stick up from the ground.

      Bonus: Nobody need worry that a link will be posted here to a video clip of these baby pea plants, with an audio track of foolish shrieking about the “magic” of “food coming from dirt.” Boyoboy, the joyful tidings are stacking up today.

      (That was an AOC reference.)

    • English peas, I assume.

    • Hi Blondie. “English peas” is a new term for me! The peas now up are of the kind you eat, not the lovely “sweet pea” flower. They are from Scheepers, and are the “Little Snow Pea” (30 days; eat the flat pods;) “Sugar Snap” (60 days; eat the nubblier pods;) and the magnificent “Sugar Magnolia Purple Snap” (60 days; usually shell them; richly purple flowers and pods.) Do you have favorites?

    • I love Sugar Snap peas.