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    Quid est ” || ” ?

    Only now making a first study of the terrific Scaevola posts, I’ve come to ” || ” in the scansion parts. Is it a two-beat pause?

    For example, in (#4) the couplet is six and six; therefore couple of beats of silence after that singleton ” ° ” is the only way I can make the second line really be six:

    Form = Elegiac Couplet

    X / X / X / X / D / Y

    X / X / ° || D / D / ˉ

    (It could be a convenient moment of silence in which to wonder whether Parallels is slowing down my system, or if I would notice even if it were, since I am even slower.)

    Gratias –

    • Thank you for asking this, jzdro. I overlooked explaining the “||” notation.

      The “||” is called a “hiatus.” It is a pronounced pause in the line.

      That pause is why this form works so well with humor: it sets up a punchline.

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    • I have updated post #6 to include an explanation of “||”

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