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    How does one perform administrative tasks and pay attention to vids at the same time? How can that be done? The little slices of attention span must be interleaved. Or is that not right? Is it possible to have two tracks running alla time? How can it be done without making errors in the clerical work, or just launching into speculative daydream while the clerical work grows mold?

    • It depends. Much of system administration is pure mechanical tedium, which can be done while listening to music (recall Muzak for office buildings: I one worked in a place that had it)—or videos.

      Depending upon the work or the video, it may be necessary to pause the video. Since many of the videos I “watch” have around 99% of their information content in the audio, it’s more like listening to a podcast while you’re doing the dishes or gardening. The long silent film I posted earlier today took a lot of pauses, since you missed stuff when not looking at the screen.

    • We see a demonstration at 5:41-9:30