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    Can our Catholic Ratburghers point to a reasonable defense of the latest shenanigans from the Amazon Synod ?

    • I’d like to see that.

    • Judging by the TradCath response at R> in their Cath group, no defense is available as they are shocked and frustrated by all of it.

      I’m having a hard time figuring out their heresy rules and the Pope’s authority. It’s not straightforward and difficult to figure why we can’t just say Francis is a heretic at this point. It boils down to him not saying stuff from a position of papal authority, but he is a Bishop with bishop authority and he is leading people astray. That should be enough to call him a heretic.

      However, one person saying he was recieved a backlash from SW and he knows his stuff and is no champion of Francis.

    • Pope Francis has been probing the edges of heresy on all the moral issues of our day, including Communism.
      There is a longstanding problem in the Church of Rome, which is that they assume that the Holy Spirit will prevent them from going too far astray. Their organization does not provide for checks and balances. Doctrine is pronounced by the Magisterium, so that there is no authority aside from the Magisterium. The problem is that Francis has been in office so long that a majority of voting Cardinals are now his appointees. The next Pope after Francis will be even more Leftist than Francis, and at that point the Magisterium, dominated by Leftists, including many homosexuals, will be free to re-define doctrine as they wish.