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    Is there any way to get notified of new comments on posts with a comment of my own, and only in-band? I don’t want email notifications. If I comment on a post, I get notifications of additional comments just the way I want (no email). But the subscribe without commenting feature requires my email address.

    • Do you mean “Is there any way to get notified of new comments on posts without a comment of my own?”

      You should be notified in-band for any post on which you’ve commented, but at present there is no way to “follow” a post on which you have not commented. This is not a feature of WordPress or BuddyPress. Implementing it will require local code which we will have to support until the end of time.

      Being inordinately fond of sledgehammers which keep me from spending a week swimming in the sewer of WordPress code, there’s always the option of posting a comment which simply says, “Let me know of any comments on this post.” That will trigger the in-band notifications.

    • Here is a suggestion for an user workaround.

      1. Block to stop getting email notifications.

    • Ok. I’ll do C4C in the future.