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    Festina lente, et solvitur ambulando.
    And jzdro, do you find the Wheelock workbook useful, worth ordering?

    • Hastening slowly?

    • I don’t know, because I have done no work! When I have done some work, I’ll pipe up.

    • The first,’ festina lente’, translates as ‘make haste slowly’. The second, ‘solvitur ambulando’, as ‘it is solved by walking’. Over the years, I’ve found both admonitions useful – especially when juggling too many chainsaws.

      And, dear jzdro, I admire your upfrontness (upfrontitude?) abot the workbook. I’ll see what comments it gets on amazon, right after I’ve actually read the preface and introductory material in the main text. Yes, I know I said I’d do that this weekend. It’s still Sunday….